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23-12-2020 09:44 pm
20 Pieces Aligner Tray Seaters Chewies for Aligner Trays Chompers Aligner Trays 5 Colors
Help seat aligners correctly: these aligner chewies help seat aligners correctly and can make an easy adjustment to your invisalign trays when wearing clear aligner trays
Avoid changing face shape: using the invisalign chewies can avoid changing face shape during the process of wearing braces, also make your teeth fit well
Adequate quantity: you will receive 20 pieces invisalign aligner chewies in total, adequate quantity for you to use you share with your families and friends
Non slipping: you can chew the aligner chompers in any part of your mouth easily and no need to worry that they will pop out; Safe silicone material provide soft and harmless chewing experience for you
5 Different colors: the seater chewies are available in 5 different colors and flavors, white is unscented, pink is strawberry flavored, green is mint flavored, purple is grape flavored and yellow is orange flavored
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