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23-06-2022 07:40 am
Haas 4025589206304 Cavaliere for women made of horsehair with longer bristle edge and leather hand strap, size 200 x 85 mm, the brush back is black.
With horsehair and longer bristle wreath
Brush body made of special plastic (particularly stable, washable for better hygiene, long service life, better hold of the bristles)
Black lacquered body and leather strap
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FootFitter Shoe Dauber Brush 6", (1) Grey Brown (1) Black, 6" x 1.5"
The FootFitter Shoe Shine Dauber Brushes are essential to caring for more delicate shoes. These brushes are designed to reach the areas larger traditional brushes can't, giving you a better clean. When used with polish, the brush's thinner size allows it to fit into jarred polishes. This is perfect for travel and compact enough for to any place you go!
HORSEHAIR SHOE SHINE DAUBERS: Made in Germany, we bring you our Horsehair Shoe Shine Daubers. The extended handle was created using polished hardwood providing you with a comfortable grip and is ideal for applying polishes or creams evenly. The shape of the daubers allows you to get into polish/cream jars easily. Packed with genuine horsehair as its bristles, it’s suitable and gentle for all types of materials. Using circular motion is best for a streak-free shine.
HORSEHAIR BENEFITS: Our shoeshine dauber brush is made using genuine horsehair for its bristles. Horsehair is used in our brushes, due to its soft characteristics which are gentle on leathers. To hold the horsehairs onto our brushes, the hairs are sewn into the handle to help reduce shedding when in use. It’s great for removing dirt and debris off shoes due to its softness and won’t scratch the materials of your shoes.
QUALITY MATERIALS: This brush was crafted and made in Germany using the best materials. The handle for our brush uses European sourced wood for an ergonomic grip while in use. Teamed up with the genuine horsehair bristles, this is one of the best daubers out there. The shape makes it ideal when applying creams & polishes due to its compact size which fits into jarred polishes. We’ve done the research & tested brushes; these will be your side brush to go along with our standard shoeshine brush.
EXTRA INFORMATION: Our Shoeshine Dauber Brush measures at: Length: 6" | Bristle Diameter: 1.5" and is available in black or grey/brown bristle variations, along with a 2 pack of both b
FootFitter Shoe Dauber Brush 6", (1) Grey Brown (1) Black, 6" x 1.5" The FootFit
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