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11-04-2021 02:40 am
Vision Protect Blue Light Filter Glasses - Eye Protecting Computer and Gaming Glasses - Reduces Migraine/Headache/Eye Strain from Screens. Unisex (Men/Women) Bluelight Ray Filter, Anti-Glare Lens
✅ PROTECT YOUR EYES FROM BLUE LIGHT NOW: By what means of technology are you reading this description? Through your phone, tablet, or pc? Chances are blue light could be affecting your body and brain right now! The good news? Our blue light blocking glasses can put an end to your unwarranted eye pain and mental fatigue - act now!
✅ NO MORE POOR SLEEP, SORE EYES & HEADACHES: What awaits you after a day spent staring at your computer? Aching eyes? A nagging headache? The inability to sleep? You’re not alone. As screen time goes up, so do the effects of blue light on our eyes and mental wellbeing. Our blue light filter glasses solve this by giving you all-day screen protection from harmful wavelengths - not a migraine or sore eye in sight!
✅ GAME FOR LONGER: Frustrating, isn’t it? You sit down in front of your console or pc, but the migraines and sore eyes soon ruin the experience. Well, wait till you try our gaming glasses! With immediate eye strain reduction and a comfortable fit, you can have hours of uninterrupted game time without overexposure to blue light.
✅ ONE-SIZE FITS ALL: These trendy blue light glasses are not a cause for concern amongst the fashion conscious! The sleek frame and modern style are great for busy office environments or live conference calls. And the best part? You won’t need to adjust your frames! Our blue screen glasses fit a large variety of face shapes and structures - for men and women!
✅ CASE, CLEANING CLOTH & TESTING KIT INCLUDED: When you press ‘Add to Cart’ you won’t need to go searching for accessories! Our bluelight block glasses come with a sturdy case, cleaning cloth, and a test kit just to show you how much protection your eyes are going to be getting when you slip on your new blue blocking glasses!
Carfia Women Men Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Computer Gaming Anti Glare Headache Relief,Retro Round Frame
ANTI GLARE GLASSES – All those hours in front of screens leads to significant exposure to blue light and UV rays. Our blue light glasses with amber lenses remove glare from the screen better than transparent lenses, which can affect our visibility, put pressure on our eyes, and cause migraines.
PREMIUM QUALITY & SUITED TO ALL FACE SHAPES – Our frames have been designed to suit all face shapes, crafted out of expensive hand-polished multiple layers of premium acetate, a non-nylon renewable material that is strong and hypoallergenic. These multiple layers ensure a flexible frame and with our added spring hinges the result is a high end luxury product that is completely unique to Carfia customers!
REVERSE THE EFFECTS OF BLUE LIGHT - Overexposure to blue light from screens is scientifically proven to have negative effects on our health. By using our computer glasses you can filter the harmful blue light and eliminate eye strain, dry eyes, tired eyes, blurred vision, headaches and migraines caused by screen exposure. It is so important to protect your eyes from the harmful blue light and UV rays these screens emit.
SLEEP BETTER–Blue light is very effective at inhibiting melatonin production,Blue light exposure close to bedtime is proven to make falling asleep more difficult and also dramatically lowers the restorative qualities of sleep. This can lead to premature aging, depression and even heart disease. Our advanced lens technology aids melatonin secretion and sleep cycle disruption, helping you fall asleep faster, sleep better and wake up feeling energised - say goodbye to those sleeping pills!
PROTECT YOUR FAMILIY EYES - Help you protect eyes with our blue light filter glasses and enjoy screen time without the negative effects of blue light. Whether you're looking for blue light blocking glasses men or blue light blocking glasses women, we have you covered!Yo
Carfia Women Men Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Computer Gaming Anti Glare Head
Amazon Gatton Design
Gatton Design Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Men & Women | Blue Light Glasses for Gaming Computer & Reading | Anti Blue Light Vision Screen Filter | Premium Steel & Acetate | Round Tortoiseshell
✅ PREMIUM MATERIALS - Our blue light blocking glasses are crafted using acetate, a sustainable, lightweight and durable material. Stainless steel compliments acetate for a durable, modern and sleek finish. Our blue light glasses ergonomically designed, the nose pad is moulded into the frame for improved comfort and reinforced stainless steel hinges ensure durability over time. Our computer glasses are the ultimate blend of meticulously curated materials to form the perfect visual package.
SUPPORT YOUR COGNITIVE FUNCTION - The screens we all use extensively emit harmful blue light. Our ISO/FDA approved lenses are coated with a material that reduces harmful UV400 blue rays. Less exposure to blue light is associated with improved memory function, reduced eye strain, diminished migraines and boosted melatonin levels to ensure a better night’s sleep. This makes our blue light blocking glasses essential for modern life and the perfect companion for prime cognitive health.
✅ A PREMIUM PACKAGE - Our blue light filter glasses come with a full care and tester pack, including a cleaning cloth, screwdriver and a bluelight testing kit with a UV light torch and testing card. You also receive a premium cloth bag embossed beautifully with our logo, a protective card to keep your glasses in shape, and a matte white case lasered with our logo for stylish and portable protection. With our blue screen glasses, you're getting a supreme package perfect for men and women.
SUSTAINABLE AND HYPOALLERGENIC - We have designed our anti-blue light glasses with sustainability and kindness to skin in mind. Acetate is produced from a plant-based, environmentally sustainable material and will biodegrade. It is also hypoallergenic which is great for those with sensitive skin. At Gatton Design, we strongly
Gatton Design Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Men & Women | Blue Light Glasses f
Amazon Fitfirst
Fashionable Polarized Sports Sunglasses for Men Women, Ideal UV-Protective Gear Polarized Unisex Sunglasses for Cycling, Running, Sports, Fishing, Golf, Sunbathing, Camping, Working Outdoor.
【Polarized Coating coating】 FIVE INTERCHANGEABLE LENS:Fitfirst cycling sunglasses equipped with 5 interchangeable UV protection lens, but only the black len is polarized. All the lens 100% UV400 protection coating, 100% protection against UVA, UVB & UVC rays including harmful blue light up to 400nm. Restore true color, eliminate reflected light and scattered light.Make your cycling experience clear, soft and protect your eyes perfectly.
ULTRA-LIGHTWEIGHT/STYLISH: Polarized sport sunglasses are built of polycarbonate,being highly lightweight, which contributes to the comfort of your eyewear. Ideal for usage by motorcycle and cycling bicycle, driving, running, fishing, skiing, or other outdoor activities enthusiasts. Fashion and stylish design, with rich color combinations of lens to choose from and easily swap as needed.
FLEXIBLE/IMPACT PROTECTION: Lenses made of polycarbonate material, being incredibly flexible and impact-resistant, which protects you from dust, gale, debris, and flying insects.And the arc design fits all face shapes. Also, the frame structure is symmetrical for your comfortable wearing.
COMFORTABLE/NON-SLIP: Nose pads and frame leg are made of water-resistant rubber with anti-slip design, it can fit your face well and will stay in place and will not slip when you cycling or Running. Attached adjustable lanyard customize the steady of your glasses and are especially beneficial for those hard-to-fit small faces.
VENTS/DETACHABLE MYOPIA FRAME Design: The frame leg has vents to increase permeability, which is effective against wind and allows you to ride without hindrance. Additional detachable myopia frame, which is specially designed for myopic sports enthusiasts.
Fashionable Polarized Sports Sunglasses for Men Women, Ideal UV-Protective Gear
BIGMONAT Patio Umbrella Light Outdoor with RF Remote Controlled Through Wall/12 Colors Changing Battery Pole Light for Table Umbrella,200Lumens 48Led Brightness Dimmable and Timer Setting
【12 Colors Changing Battery Umbrella lighting】There are 12 colors for optional include warm light 4000K by remote. Ultra bright 250lumens ,enough bright for dinner and play cards under light. 4 lighting modes make more atmosphere :Flash,Strobe,Fade,Smooth. Powered by 3pcs D batteries, run time 70hours .
【Two Switch Modes of Patio Umbrella light】Turn ON/OFF with the RF remote controller. The umbrella light can be controlled through walls or glasses, the remote detect distance is 80FT. The colors changing and brightness adjust are both controlled by remote. The other way is press the button on the light itself to turn ON/OFF the umbrella light and just can change 4 color:red green blue and warm white.
【Brightness Adjustable and Timer Setting Outdoor Umbrella Light】Please press the brightness keys to increase or decrease the brightness on the remote. From the remote you can see the timer button, you can timed to turn OFF the light in 1,2,3or 4 hours before you leave.
【Two Mounting Modes and Widely Using】Two Mounting way option. Press the open button of the light to lamp it to the pole .Fit pole size from 1.1 to 1.78 inch in diameter. Or hanging the outdoor umbrella light anywhere with the hanging ring (included).
【After-Sale Service】We offer 365days after sale service ,if you have any question before or after purchase, please kindly contact us via amazon email, we will reply you within 12 hours . We will be happy help you.
BIGMONAT Patio Umbrella Light Outdoor with RF Remote Controlled Through Wall/12
Amazon Valerio Pompei Eyewear
Valerio Pompei® Blue Light Blocking Glasses | Anti Blue Light Glasses for Women and Men | Computer Glasses | Gaming Glasses | Prevent Headache Migraines | Improve Your Sleep | UK Brand
PREVENT STRESS, HEADACHES, MIGRAINES: How are you feeling at the end of the day? How many hours a day do you spend using your phone/laptop or watching movies? Exposing your eyes to blue light from screens causes negative effects on your health. The most frequent symptoms are headaches, eye strain, migraines, tired or dry eyes. Our blue light blocking glasses are built with premium lenses able to block the blue light coming from screens and other electronic devices.
‍‍‍ ONE SIZE FOR ALL FACE SHAPES: Our blue light blocking glasses are designed for all the family members, for all face shapes and for all moments in life. At Valerio Pompei’s, we create ultralight, fashion, and comfortable blue light filter glasses. All our blue light blocking glasses are designed for women and men of all ages including teenagers. Our computer glasses are all built with a new type of spring that makes them extremely flexible and long-lasting.
IMPROVE YOUR SLEEP: The use of artificial lighting and electronic devices during the day and especially at night may contribute to sleep problems. On average, we spend 60 hours a week on smartphones and tablets, in front of laptop and computer screens or playing video games. Blue light is almost as dangerous as UV light. Our blue light blocking glasses are manufactured with premium lenses. Wearing our blue light filter glasses will protect your eyes and improve your sleep.
GAMING GLASSES: blue light blocking glasses, known also as gaming glasses blue light blocking, have been specially conceived to guarantee the non-occurrence eye of irritation and other occasional disturbances or health hazards especially if worn over lengthy periods of time and when utilised for gaming. Each box includes 1 blue light blocking glasses, 1 cleaning cloth, 1 glasses pouch and 1 mini
Valerio Pompei® Blue Light Blocking Glasses | Anti Blue Light Glasses for Women
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