Amazon WXJ13
26-03-2021 09:41 pm
WXJ13 8 PCS Aligner Chewies Aligner Tray Seater Teeth Chewies for Orthodontic (4 Boxes)
Package: You will get 8 PCS aligner chewies,2 chewies per box,total 4 boxes.Enough quantity for you to use alternately
Multi-flavor: The aligner tray seater have 4 different flavors,mint flavor chewie,original flavor chewie,strawberry flavor chewie and mango flavor chewie
Material: The teeth chewies was made of soft plastic. After using the chewies, please clean it with clean water and put it in the jacket box to guard against loss and pollution.
Application: The aligner tray seater is suitable for people in the early period of orthodontics and can relieve a variety of orthodontic discomfort
Easy to use: By using aligner chewies in front teeth, the whole jaw can be fitted to prevent empty bite in back teeth
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